Nick Potenzieri is trained in Hatha (Iyengar, Bikram) and Vinyasa (Dharma Mittra) methods. He has led retreats on both East and West Coasts, and has held classes and workshops for total beginners and advanced practitioners alike. He has and the pleasure to work with a wide range of students from CEO's, to mom's, and rock stars. Nick's high positive energy and creative style has helped him inspire his students to a deeper understanding of how the practice of yoga can help them be more fulfilled on and off the mat

about : Nick

Yoga is Universal. It is a process, a system to help you discover and create yourself.

be connected in your body + mind


"Nick is a dear, gentle, handsome, kind soul. He is so committed to what he does, because he believes in it so deeply."

        --Andy H.

"An amazing yoga instructor. Nick has more patience than most people, and his knowledge of the human body (muscles, strengths and why there are aches and pains) is very helpful.  He can make light of the practice,  which makes me laugh in the seriousness of my trying the postures."

        -- Mary R.




I found myself drawn to yoga, needing it.  I learned best from those who helped yoga fit my life and not the reverse. I enjoyed the direct, creative and simple communication between me and my body. I enjoyed slowing down enough that I could notice my breath. It helped make me more aware of who I am as a human. It helped me in tough times of my life and made the good ones better.

When I practiced regularly, I felt good, very good. As my body became stronger and more fluid, I began to notice a shift in how I lived.  I became more fully invested in the moments my life.  I felt humbled by the world around me, yet at the same time more victorious in my endeavors.

I know there are people out there who wish to move their bodes more freely, who wish to be more at ease in their mind. They are in need of a change.  Through the practice of yoga, I believe can help them facilitate that change, so they can too be victorious in their lives.

-- Nick​